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Location manager / CEO

Dragan is a professional location scout and location manager, constantly on the look-out for new locations, people, situations, and possibilities. In the world of location and fixer services in the film and TV industry, he is known for making the impossible possible, fast and secure.

As a business partner, Dragan’s main features are precision, determination, and devotion, always focussed on providing efficient solutions in location scouting, location management, management on set, and fixer services. He is the founder and CEO of the RAW company, delivering his expertise in the film and TV industry since 2009.

Dragan is a professional problem solver who will exceed your expectations.

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Ida is a fixer. In her field, she is a cutting edge expert in fixing production support services. She is known for her exceptional organisational skills and her ability to connect with people. Consequently, she has developed a huge network of contacts in a myriad of fields, always having the necessary phone number to call and make the project a success.

Ida is passionate about innovation and the power of creativity. She understands and knows how to respond quickly and efficiently no matter how complex the challenge may be. Ida specializes in general production assistance, crew sourcing, talent & equipment, locations research and permits for filming.
There is nothing this fixer expert can’t fix!

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Location scout

Vasja is a location scout and location manager with 10 years of expertise. His focus lies in finding the best solutions for a project’s needs, either in finding new locations or management on set.

Vasja is an architect by training. His strength is his professional but practical approach, one based on knowledge and long years of experience, and a special connection to places and locations. With his combined background, he brings a unique perspective to the business of location scouting and management, making every project a success.

Vasja is a timeless person and as a Sagittarius, a born adventurer, he’s constantly on the look-out for new challenges. His services include location research, location reports, location clearances, film clearances, and management on set.

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Location research

Polona is responsible for selecting locations from the database, forwarding solutions to productions, and facilitating locations for recordings. She applies her expert know-how in organising solid, professional, and comprehensive support at location checking and on technical tours. She is strongly skilled at analysing client’s needs and creating suitable solutions in terms of location selection and management very quickly.

Polona is a highly motivated, driven, and reliable individual with a good work ethic and friendly attitude. She is about to finish her cultural studies, so it is no wonder she has an excellent understanding of diverse cultural backgrounds.

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Location research / Photographer

Mina specializes in location research and photography. She applies her expertise in creating and maintaining the RAW photography database and providing efficient solutions related to location scouting and location research. Among her team members, she is known as the problem solver, resourceful in research and responsive to emerging challenges, while always keeping calm when things escalate and require absolute concentration.

Mina studied archeology and art history, and is about to graduate in photography. In the past, she has been involved in organisation and production of various events at the international level. She was born in Belgrade but lived in Budapest, Barcelona, Berlin, and now between Ljubljana and Trieste. With her diverse background, she brings a unique perspective to the business of location services.

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Location manager

Žiga is a professional photographer and location manager. As a photographer, he is strong skilled at finding ways to interpret locations into beautiful and meaningful photos and thus providing personalised solutions for each and every client using a blend of technical skills and an artistic eye.

In his expertise, Žiga combines an academic knowledge in the visual arts with field experience. He lives a dynamic life for the sheer fun and challenge of it, and loves extending his knowledge and experience. He loves music and is passionate about nature. As a location manager, he has shown an ability to find efficient solutions to a variety of settings and responding to difficult situations. Žiga is an electrical engineer with a bachelor’s degree in photography.

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Location scout / Photographer

Mate specializes in location scouting and photography, always wandering about the streets and checking out the wilds looking for amazing locations. He has an outstanding job knowledge and specializes in architectural photography. For many years, Mate worked as CEO of different companies before deciding to turn his passion for photography, architecture, and the film industry into his job.

His main strengths are precision, patience, and creativity, coupled with the ability to get around even the toughest challenges fast and efficient. He is innovative in outlook, strategic in approach, and full of ideas. And as becomes a location scout, he is also an avid nature lover.

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Location manager

Matjaž specializes in location management. Among the other partners in the film and production industry, he is known for his curiosity, resourcefulness, reliability, and open approach to challenges and people; all this paired with a good sense of humor and good taste in music. He is an audio engineer and sports enthusiast.

As location manager, Matjaž is a well experienced professional, always focused on finding efficient solutions upon submitting permits, dealing negotiation rates for locations, organizing insurance policies, and making sure that both the space and film production are respected. Matjaž will always make sure the location is first there and the last to leave.

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Roman specializes in financial process improvement and finance transformations. He is a financial expert with a strong track record in supporting institutions and clients in corporate finance for more than 25 years, and has a reputation as detail-oriented, analytical, loyal, and eager to share the best practices with peers.

As internal financial expert, Roman’s primary responsibilities at RAW include reviewing month-end results, project monitoring in terms of cash flow, invoicing, and controlling the company’s custom software for projects and finance. Though he’s tasked with discussing the ins and outs of budgeting and finance, he likes to keep a fun, calm atmosphere while providing the highest quality work. Roman earned a bachelor’s degree in economics. He is a food lover and his Zodiac sign is Cancer.

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